Guinea Pig Videos

The plan is....I hope I am good about....Let's Hope I can.... I tell folks all the time to be sure and take photos and videos of their animals. The animals are gone in such a short time, compared to human lives, and opportunities missed now will be a sorrow to us later. Sooooo, I hope that this page will have more then a couple videos of our Guinea Pigs preforming tricks, training and enjoying Agility Equipment.... Thanks for looking and PLEASE have a look at our Holiday Video page. You might get a smile and even a laugh from watching them.

Scroll Down for the most recently uploaded video.

Matey, our 5 month old boar Guinea Pig, learning the first few pieces of Agility Equipment. We had only owned Matey for less then two weeks when this was filmed. We think he is brilliant! and pretty cute too. Please watch til the end and see what a difference a day makes.

Please also notice our Holiday Video Page in the Navigation Menu at the right. Not all Guinea Pigs, but fun all the same.

What Can A Guinea Pig Learn?

Guinea Pigs can learn much more then the average person gives them credit for. This is a short video of one of our Guinea Pigs, Matey, running an Agility Course of Jumps, Teeter Totter, Open Tunnel, and Weave Polls (Easter Eggs). Matey is preforming simple tricks and working on complicated Tricks as well as Coming When Called. I had only been working with him for less then 3 weeks when this was filmed. No. No one had worked with him before I started.

Guinea Pig playing Dominoes and new Agility Pieces

Here is another fun video of Matey. He has learned a little more and doing well. He learned the Dominoes trick in three short lessons.

Captain's First Video - Basket Ball Practice and Dominoes

Captain is just learning to play Basket Ball and to knock down dominoes. We think he is very cleaver and cute!

Ever see a Guinea Pig Play Tic Tac Toe?

This is Captain playing Tic Tac Toe with me. How did I teach him? Please visit our Trick Training page for the answer.

Our Independence Day Guinea Pig Tricks Video

See all three of our American Guinea Pigs doing many different tricks. See them rasing the USA Flag, spin pin wheels, dominoes, dice game, basket ball, bowling, and at the end, see Damsel put her doll to bed.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey and Jumping Thru A Covered Hoop

This is a short video you might get a giggle out of. Captain, Matey and Damsel have learned a few new tricks. Captain and Damsel play Pin The Tail On The Donkey and Matey Jumps Through A Couple of Covered Hoop. We hope you will enjoy this video and "like" it on YouTube.

The contents of this page for Guinea Pig Videos is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Guinea Pig Agility Team
Sun, 10 Apr 2011 00:27:04 -0400

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