Guinea Pig Photo Contest

The contents of this page for Guinea Pig Photo Contest should always be under construction. We are still adding prize items as they are designed and made up. We will also add the Winner's Photo each time a Contest ends. Please submit your photos for the next months contest now. Please notice that we are continually adding prizes.

The contest prizes each come from our collection of Marna's Menagerie Designs. Check our Small Pet Items For Sale page to see more small animal items we design and manufacture in our non smoking home in NW SD USA.


Please read all of our contest rules before entering your photo. Thanks!!

Anyone from anywhere in the world may enter our photo contest.

Matey in his new Spring Sweater

This is a "just for jun" photo contest with great first place prizes each month. It will be judged only by folks that visit this website to vote. Anyone and everyone may vote once a day. So, get the word out to all your friends and to your families. Tell them to come vote once daily. A vote can only be submitted once in a 24 hour time period from any ip address.

The contest runs from the first of each month til the last day of the month at midnight, computer time....that's 12:00 midnight where our computer sever is located. We have been know to switch servers, so vote early to be safe.

Photos of Guinea Pigs only. Please, no other pets or people in the photos. Just Guinea Pigs. A close up of a Guinea Pig on someone is OK, just not of the person with the Guinea Pig. Photos with anything living (other then plants) will not be eligible for the contest.

Boys Holiday Sweaters

One photo per person per month. Everyone is welcome to participate in the contest each month of the year if they like.

Please only use your photo once at Guinea Pig Agility. You may send in a different shot of the same Guinea Pig, but not the same photo more then once.

You must register to participate at Guinea Pig Agility. By registering we will have your snail mail address to mail you your prize at the end of the photo contest. If we do not have your full name and snail mail address we will not be able to mail you your prizes if you win. We do not contact you for further information upon winning. We do not sell or give this list to anyone. We use this registration for sales and so that our members can upload their photos to the site. Later, when new products become available I may/will also email you to let you be one of the first to see what is new.

Photos must be submitted to the site the month prior to the contest month. In other words, if you have a photo for February it must be to us by January 31 at 8 pm. Late photos will get posted for the following/next month.

Sorry, once the month of the contest starts all photos received after the last day of that month will go into the following months contest.

If it ever comes to a last word or a decision made on these contests. The Marna's Menagerie team will have that authority. For instance, if there were what appears in percentage as a tie (but actual votes are different amounts), if prizes needed to be changed for some unknown reason, if a person that won did so dishonestly and such.

How Do I Enter A Photo?

I won't submit this photo for you from my account, but I think it is pretty easy for you to do. First, just register at this site. See Menu. You will need to pick a username and a password, and enter your name and email address. Then you will get an email at that email address that has a link to verify your email address was entered correctly (stops anonymous posting of emails).

Once you have done that, you can click on My Photo Album and upload the picture. When you upload the picture, a line of text will show beneath the photo that basically says "You have not entered a photo to the coming photo contest. Click here to enter this one!". Once you click that, you are "in".



We hope you like our prizes. Most months there will be at least one prize for each first place winner. All items were designed and made by me....I make all these same type items first for my own animals.

Prizes may be added to, but will not be subtracted from, any contest at any time. Check back often to see what is being offered for our Guinea Pig Photo Contest.

Prizes are described and photo is shown above for each month. What you see is what you get. Sorry, No substitutes, No color change, No different sizes.

Clothes, Costumes and Outfits do come in sizes. The prizes are made up to fit the average sized Guinea Pig. All outfits are made for the contest (you will find some of the same type outfits for sale on our Small Pet Items For Sale page). All Prizes are new and have never been worn or tried on by any other pet or used by any other pet.

Prizes will be shipped about a week after the contest closes. We are not rural...we are way further out then that. Sometimes, not too often, the weather does not allow us to get out across the 6.4 miles of dirt Road between us and the Roadway. Should that happen, your prize *will* go out as soon as possible after the contest closes.

All prizes are new and never used. They are handmade in our non-smoking home. No animals have ever worn, slept on or been around your item.

If you see a prize you would like to own, but did not win one, check our For Sale page. Most, if not all of the items we award for prizes are also for sale in our on line shop. If you see something you would like to have among our prizes but do not see it on our sales page, please send an email and ask. We do ship our products all over the world.


We host a monthly Photo Contest on our The Agile Rat website. We host a Photo Contest on our Working Goats website from time to time. How often will we host Photo Contests on this site? I am not sure. It will depend on interest in the contest, voting and GP product sales. If several people are interested in the contest each month (a minimum of 6), and are entering their photos, we may host our Photo Contests here monthly.....right now, we are working on the site. I am not sure when we will start the Guinea Pig Photo Contests, but soon, very soon, so please check back. Soooooon, I will be creating Prizes for our First Photo Contest on this Guinea Pig Agility Site!


June 2011 Photo Contest Prize

These little sweaters are created from pattern to stitch by stitch, to finished product by me. They are handcrafted in our nonsmoking NW SD USA home.
I made the first one for my own Guinea Pigs. The photos are of our own Guinea Pigs wearing the Sweater I made for them.

They are not wearing the Sweater that is offered here for a Photo Contest Prize. No animal has been around or worn the item the winner will receive. The Prize is new and never been worn.

The little Sweater is adjustable with the little button on the belly band. I send information on how to teach your little pets to wear clothing with each order or clothing. This sweater will fit most Guinea Pigs, it will look adorable too.

If you would like a sweater for your Guinea Pig in this or other colors, please visit our online store. We offer many fun and functional items for small and large animals. All of the money you spend with us goes to care for our animals. Many could be considered "rescues".

The contents of this page for [b]Guinea Pig Photo Contest will hopefully be under construction all the time. We hope to have contests frequently....IF we can get your cooperation. We need at least 8 Guinea Pig Photos for each of our Contests. So PLEASE spread the word of our Photo Contests and enter each time we offer PRIZES. THANKS! And Please check back often, vote daily and have fun.

-- The Guinea Pig Agility Team

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