Fun Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea Pigs are not from New Guinea nor or they from the Swine Families (Pigs).

Guinea Pigs live the average of 3 - 6 years. Some have lived as long as eight years in captivity.

Rarely, hardly ever, I would almost say never, does a Guinea Pig bite. If they do, it is usually while thinking your have a treat for them.

Cedar Shavings can be a health threat to your Guinea Pig. It is hard/harsh on their reproductive organs and Cedar Shaving can release odors in the air that can be hard on their lungs and brain.

Guinea Pigs rarely jump.

Guinea Pigs are also called Cavy, Cavies, GP, GPs

Guinea Pigs can be taught to walk on a leash.

Guinea Pigs can be taught to do tricks and tasks.

Guinea Pigs must have Vitamin C. Make sure your packaged foods are fresh if this is the only way you are serving the GPs Vitamin C.

Guinea Pigs need Timothy Hay every day.

You can buy a Guinea Pig in many different colors. You can also buy them with short hair or long hair or curly hair or no hair (hairless).

Guinea Pigs are noisy pets. But they are kept indoors so they will not bother your neighbors, or should not bother your neighbors.

Guinea Pigs were once a source of meat for Sailors.

Guinea Pigs were/are used for Lab Animals and we can thank them for much of the good health and medications we, as humans, now enjoy.

Guinea Pigs love to go outside and enjoy eating the clean grass. Make sure there are no lawn treatments of any kind on the grass you let your GP eat.

Dandelions are very good for Guinea Pigs to eat, and they LOVE the flowers

Guinea Pigs, when cared for correctly, are rarely ill. If your GP would need a Dr. Make sure you choose a Veterinarian that treats and is educated about Guinea Pigs before you take your little pet to that Veterinarian's office for a visit with a sick or injured GP.

Guinea Pigs enjoy toys. Many times toys made for Large Parrots or Rabbits are safe and entertaining for Guinea Pigs. If the toy has a bell, Guinea Pigs seem to love those the best.

Guinea Pigs are NOT big Hamsters. They require a different diet and housing.

There are many, many, several, lots, of books written on Guinea Pig keeping.

There are many different breeds of Guinea Pigs. But unlike dog breeds, Guinea Pigs are all still the same size and need the same basic care.

You should NO put ladders in the cage for your GP. Wide Ramps should not be too steep when used in a GP cage. GPs do not have the balance and or agility as a Pet Fancy Rat does.

Yes, you can Show your Guinea Pig at an organized event with Blue Ribbons and Prizes, but your GP must qualify to be Shown. Check show rules, read them very carefully.

Guinea Pigs do not need inoculations, city tags, or walking parks. They are relativity inexpensive pets.

Guinea Pigs, if taught, will learn to respond to their names.

more to come..............

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-- The Guinea Pig Agility Team
Fri, 18 Mar 2011 19:19:41 -0400

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