Agility Equipment
Double Open Ended Closed Tunnel or Play TubeOut Of Stock Price: $7.50

This Tunnel can be used in an Agility Course but is more of a training tool then an official equipment piece.

The Double Open Ended Closed Tunnel (DOECT) is approx 4" x 25", the middle area drapes like the Closed Tunnel would. I made it with the same type good grade polar fleece as I make the Closed Tunnels with.

I was having trouble getting a young doe (Nineveh)rat to come all the way through the Closed Tunnel so I did two things. I made this piece, it has wider openings on each end but drapes in the middle section for her to use. This way she could see the opening and I could reach in if I needed to to "help" her on through.

I also worked a bit more on the "Shoulder" command. This is where I put my hand down on the table/cage/desk and tell the rattie "shoulder" and they learn to run up my arm to sit on my shoulder.

Between the double open ended tunnel and having my hand where she could see it at the end of the tunnel, she learned to come through the tunnel reliably.

This piece can also be used for a toy or for a snuggle bed for your small animals in their cages. Remove if the plastic ends are being chewed. I do not recommend you use tunnels in cages if you are teaching agility to small animals. You want them to learn to run through the item, not sleep in it.

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This item is new and has never been used. No animals have been in, around or near this hand crafted, American Made (NW SD) item.

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